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Suvarna prashana : Ayurvedic immunity booster

Suvarana Prashana is a unique Ayurvedic preparation that is known to enhance the immune body. Suvarna Prashana is considered as one of 16 essential sanskaras described for improving overall health in children. According to Ayurved, our body needs to get right and safe nourishment to support proper physical and mental development that can sustain till old age. Suvarna Prashana is therfore recommended to be taken immediately after birth and continued till the age of 16 yrs.

Suvarna Prashna is made using suvarna bhasma (gold ash) mixed with honey and cow ghee containing herbal extract like vacha, brahmi, shankhpushpi(brain tonic), all of which show strong immune boosting properties.

Health benefits of Suvarna Prashna

  • Boosts Immune system
  • Enhances memory, the span of attention, concentration and learning ability
  • Improves Digestion
  • Helps to maintain health by preventing common recurrent infections, asthma, and other allergic conditions
  • Nourishes the skin, tone up skin colour and prevents premature ageing
  • Reduces temper tantrums, attention deficits, bed wetting and other neuro psychosomatic problems.
  • Improves speech, hearing and vision acuity

Who should have Suvarna Prashana?

Suvarna Prashana can be given to anyone aged 1 day – 16 yrs
It can be taken daily for a period of 30 days or
It can be taken specifically on Pushya Nakshatra of every month to impart greater potency

When to take?

On an empty stomach preferably in the morning
Do not have food at least for 30 min after consumption of Suvarna Prashana.